This is the documentation for the dynrules dynamic rules creation package. dynrules is a small package that allows you to create rule-based scripts for adaptive AI systems automatically. It uses the Dynamic Scripting technique and algorithms as described by Pieter Spronck in his paper Adaptive Game AI with Dynamic Scripting.

The focus of the package is on weighted ruleset management and script generation, rather than weight adjustments and fitness evaluation. There is only limited support for that kind of functionality and most of it has to be implemented by the specific user code.

dynrules is not meant to be a fully functional AI package, but rather a supportive system for creating your own adaptive AI quickly.


You must have at least one of the following Python versions installed:

Installing dynrules

You can either use the python way of installing the package using distutils or the make command using the Makefile. Simply type

$ python install

for the traditional python way or

$ make install

for using the Makefile.

It must be said that the install target of the Makefile does not do anything different from the python way. It simply calls ‘python install’.

Trying out

You also can test out dynrules without actually installing it. You just need to set up your PYTHONPATH to point to the location of the source distribution package. On Windows-based platforms, you might use something like

set PYTHONPATH=C:\path\to\dynrules\:$PYTHONPATH

to define the PYTHONPATH on a command shell. On Linux/Unix, use

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/dynrules:$PYTHONPATH

for bourne shell compatibles or

setenv PYTHONPATH /path/to/dynrules:$PYTHONPATH

for C shell compatibles. You can omit the :$PYTHONPATH`, if you did not use it so far and if your environment settings do not define it.


If you are using IronPython, use IRONPYTHONPATH instead of PYTHONPATH.

Binary packages

dynrules is not provided as binary package by the author. It might be that someone else set up such a package for your wanted operating system or distribution. Those packages are usually not supported by the author, which means that installation problems or similar issues, which do not target dynrules directly, should be escalated to the respective supplier of that package.

Notes on Mercurial usage

The Mercurial repository version of dynrules is not intended to be used in a production environment. Interfaces may change from one checkin to another, methods, classes or modules can be broken and so on. If you want more reliable code, please refer to the official releases.

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